Sivamuthu Kumar

Sivamuthu Kumar

Siva is working as Architect in Computer Enterprises Inc, delivering Mobile and Cloud solutions. He offers talks to technical groups on ML and AI solutions to motivate them to get involved in it and empowering them to impact change in the world by sharing. He is much interested in exploring new technologies. He tweets about the things he is working on @ksivamuthu. He lives in Orlando with his loving wife, and they are devoted-parents to their beautiful daughter.

Computer Enterprises Inc


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Build Efficient Xamarin Apps with GraphQL

Modern applications are increasingly data-driven, which leads to a lot of time spent fetching, filtering, and aggregating data. GraphQL is a query language for your API which reduces the complexity associated with data fetching lets developers describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications. In this session, We will discuss how to build high-performance GraphQL apps with Xamarin and the demo how to quickly spin up the GraphQL server with Azure Database for Postgresql with Hasura and integrate the GraphQL backend in Xamarin using GraphQL Client libraries, featuring GraphQL capabilities such as Query, Mutation, and Subscription. We will discuss tips and tricks to getting started with building GraphQL powered Xamarin apps.

Client Development
2:30 PM