Scott Simontis

Scott Simontis

At age 12, Scott knew he wanted to program video games for a living, but little did he know what his career had in mind for the next 16 years! While attending Georgia Tech, he worked intensively with embedded devices as part of the co-op program, leading to a contract gig and his first taste of the startup world. He was introduced to the Zilog Z80, Microsoft .NET and a love of systems engineering. After leaving school to become an EMT, he came running back to the software world shocked by how bitter he had become in such a brief period of time. Several months of hardcore self-study later, he was hired as a consultant; Sitecore, backend services, and technical evangelism reluctantly took the stage from embedded devices. Recently, Scott returned to Atlanta after spending 2 years in the nonprofit world. He is currently finalizing his job search and looks forward to actively participating in the ATL tech community and having an opportunity to mentor other developers. Outside of work, his interests include analog synths, language design, functional programming and working on his Subaru WRX.

Senior Software Engineer


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TensorFlow Lite and IoT: A Practical Introduction

See the substance beneath the buzzwords! I will be demonstrating a device I created to secure my server cabinet which uses TensorFlow Lite for face recognition, integrates with a number of devices to monitor cabinet conditions, and sends warnings and alerts through my centralized logging system using AWS services. I will be demonstrating the tools used to support development in C, and noting cross-platform alternatives where relevant. We will walk through some of the more interesting code written to integrate devices and send structured log messages and examine how to structure an embedded solution to enable Test-Driven Development.

Cloud Development
9:45 AM