Porscha Johnson

Porscha Johnson

Porscha Johnson is a Customer Support Engineer at one the fastest growing IOT companies in the world, Samsara. Every day she has the opportunity to use her passion for research and problem-solving skills to improve the customer experience for customers around the globe. It is really rewarding to have the ability to understand technical solutions and explain them in a way that aligns well and enhances customer understanding. The culmination of her ability to code and communicate effectively has allowed her to achieve the following- created the first end to end user guide documentation for Georgia’s first Cannabis Supply Chain startup. Porscha is motivated by continuing to advocate for customer needs and iterating over their feedback to make innovative products that disrupt markets. Porscha was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in International Affairs, she also holds a Full Stack Web Development certification from DigitalCrafts. She thoroughly enjoys comedy shows, traveling, cooking, and can be found geeking out over personal finance books in local cafes. She is also particularly interested in the intersection of mental health, emotional intelligence awareness, and diversity in the technology industry. Porscha’s favorite piece of advice - “ Be you, everyone else is taken”.

Customer Support Engineer


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Unpack the stigma: Mental Health within the Tech Industry

I will discuss the importance of creating a safe environment to have an open dialogue around mental health within the tech industry. I will highlight important introspective questions one should ask themselves before entering the tech industry and share some practical tips for those currently in the tech industry that can help them lead a more balanced approach to their professional development and mental health.

Professional Development
3:45 PM