Joe Walling

Joe Walling

Joe has been developing software for over 30 years and has been working with .NET since it was in beta. He has been running the GSP Developers’ Guild for 18+ years and has been an INETA Community Champion in the past. He currently runs Walling Info Systems LLC, a custom software development and consulting company and loves going into other software development shops and help them improve their processes and the scalability and performance of their web applications.


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Convert Your ASP.NET MVC Core App to a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Applications have many advantages over plain old web apps. After covering the advantages of PWAs, Joe will demonstrate how easy it is to convert an ASP.NET MVC Core app to a progressive web app. Then he'll show how you can handle data so that when you are disconnected from the Internet the app will still work.

Web Development
1:15 PM