G. Andrew Duthie

G. Andrew Duthie

G. Andrew Duthie, aka devhammer, is a passionate technologist with more than 20 years of software development industry experience, including nearly 10 years as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, where he provided support and education for developers working with the Microsoft development platform. Andrew is currently a Senior Developer Advocate at OutSystems, where he helps software developers understand the ins and outs of Low Code software development. Andrew is the author of several books on ASP.NET and web development, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences from VSLive! and ASP.NET Connections, to Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) and Tech-Ed. Andrew has been participating in the user group community since way back in 1997, when one of his co-workers dragged him out to the Internet Developers User Group in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and he’s been hooked ever since. In addition to his work in software development, Andrew enjoys spending time in hardware land, including developing for Kinect and .NET Gadgeteer, working with various Arduino and other microcontroller platforms, and most recently 3D printing, using his hardware chops to do everything from blinking LEDs and making strange noises, to flying a helicopter just by waving his hands, and most recently, taking control of various Bluetooth-connected robots, and building an AI-driven candy dispenser.

Senior Developer Advocate


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AI, IoT, and Apps!

Interested in building mobile apps that leverage AI services and integrate with IoT devices, but not sure where to start? The OutSystems platform makes it easy to use pre-built connectors to work with a wide array of services and hardware, including mobile device hardware like cameras and NFC, as well as AI providers such as Azure Cognitive Services. In this session, come see a whimsical take on common app development tasks, demonstrated by an Internet-connected, AI-powered Candy Dispenser. You'll see how a "low code" approach to AI and IoT integration can save you time, and let you focus on the fun parts of your IoT development. Demo includes integration of camera (for facial and mood detection via Azure Face Detection API), NFC, Sentiment Analysis, and control of connected hardware (stepper motor and LEDs) via REST APIs.

General Discussion
11:00 AM