Eric Andres

Eric Andres

Eric Andres is a developer who cares about doing the job well. He is particularly interested in the Software Crafter movement, and believes that great software is made when people work collaboratively to create and test functionality that provides value. Eric has over four years' doing Mob Programming and Test Driven Development exclusively. He is interested in functional programming and learning new languages that make him stretch. He started his career in Salt Lake City, and now hails from Coweta county.

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Rusty nuts and bolts: An introduction to Rust

If you've every written any C or C++, you know these language are powerful. They give you low level access to hardware, memory management, and lightning fast performance. But the difficulty of ensuring memory safety in these languages leads many of us to swear that we will never again write another malloc(). Rust is a modern language that gives us the blazing speed and low level access of C, while preventing the programmer from writing a whole class of bugs. Let's take a deep dive into what makes Rust such a revolutionary language, no tetanus shot required.

General Discussion
3:45 PM