Blake Helms

Blake Helms

Blake Helms is a .NET Software Development Manager for EBSCO Industries, a global company with businesses in a range of industries including Information Services, Publishing and Digital Media, Outdoor Products, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Distribution, and Business Services, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. There he is responsible for several core business applications and has been a driver for software craftsmanship and creating a culture that promotes mentorship and continuous improvement. He is also the cofounder of the Birmingham .NET Meetup where he works to connect developers and to spread the word of the thriving technology community in Birmingham. Blake is incredibly passionate about technology in all areas from writing code for work, to audio/video production for his church to automating his home.

Software Development Manager
EBSCO Industries


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Creating a Culture of Craftsmanship

Modern Software Development is more than just a job or disparate set of skills. Instead it should be considered a craft and we should strive to build a culture that promotes doing things “the right way” while coaching and mentoring the incoming generation of developers. In this talk I will present some of the lessons that I’ve learned over 16 years of being a software developer as well as a manager of software developers and how I try to create a culture that promotes leaning and improvement every day.

Professional Development
3:45 PM