Leah Wynn

Leah Wynn

Leah is a software developer at Greater Sum who is passionate about building quality software using automated testing and deployment. She transitioned to a career in software development after working for years in the hospitality industry. She enjoys practicing TDD, learning new things, and helping others get better at their craft.

Software Developer
Greater Sum


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I Learned People Skills. You Can Too!

Growing up as an ‘introvert’ with social anxiety, I always felt awkward in conversations and had a difficult time making friends. Before transitioning to software development, I worked for years in the hospitality industry. In order to survive, I had to learn valuable skills to help me communicate with others. My skills developed to the point that, today, some would call me a ‘people person’. As I transitioned to becoming a professional software developer, I found that these skills were important in my career. Most of us work on teams where we must collaborate and communicate with other developers, testers, managers, users, product managers, and more. Let’s be honest, we all want to create beneficial relationships in our work and personal lives, and to do that, we all need to make conversation. In this talk, I’ll share several tricks I use to help me create small talk along with techniques for overcoming anxiety about social situations. If I can learn to talk to people, you can too!

Professional Development
3:45 PM