Christine Laikind

Christine Laikind

Christine Laikind was born deaf. Mainstreamed at an early age, Christine speaks and lip reads fairly well that her hearing peers often "forget" that she has a hearing disability. She has a BA in Graphic Design and MBA in Business Administration. First in her family to obtain degrees, Christine has held management positions and owned businesses. Today, as Founder of SCS Digital Marketing, a virtual personal assistant organization and marketing strategist for professional women speakers and coaches nationwide. SCS Digital Marketing handles digital marketing activities including web design, social media and outbound email communications. Christine Laikind, has made it her mission to share her experience and knowledge about accessibility. She will also share information about website accessibility compliance standards to the business industry. In her spare time, she likes to read, cook, and paint. Married for 30 years to her best friend. Their favorite past time is riding their motorcycle among Chattahoochee National Forest in Northern Georgia.


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Web Accessibility begins at User Persona

There are 650 Million individuals in the world that live with a disability. 57 million of those in US who are disabled were born with the disability or it came later in their life. For those who have an online presence – it is a demographic that they are largely missing out and not serving because their website may not be accessible. Designing websites for accessibility begins at the user persona stage. In sum, it is really about inclusion within the community - the business community.

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