Stuart Dickerson

Stuart Dickerson

Stuart is a software engineer with experience in large scale web applications and full-stack web development. He is an advocate for continuous integration practices in agile development and has developed and deployed many enterprise applications. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and one of the organizers of Scenic City Summit. He thrives on projects that challenge what he knows and encourages himself to master what he doesn’t. @stuartdga

Senior Software Engineer


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Automated Website Testing Using Selenium

We are trying to build applications that run right in a dozen browsers, look good on thousands of different devices, load fast enough for impatient commuters in the subway, and are still accessible enough that blind people can use them. That's why Website Test Automation is a critical part of enabling Continuous Integration. Selenium is an open source API for automating website testing. It supports all major browsers and runs on various platforms in many languages. Selenium is used for test automation by companies such as Google, ThoughtWorks, Mozilla, Accenture, Groupon, LinkedIn and IBM. This presentation will explain what Selenium is (for those who don’t know), where Selenium sits in the Continuous Integration feedback loop and how to scale tests written with Selenium using the Selenium Grid. We’ll create tests using scale them across different browsers using node.js and Visual Studio Code.

Web Development
2:20 PM