Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is a software developer in Atlanta with over 10 years of experience. Enterprise Web Developer on the .Net stack by day, in his off hours he tinkers with other languages and platforms such as Node.js and the internet of things. He enjoys discussing agile methodologies and the people side of software development with anyone that will listen.

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Better Code in Four (Easy) Steps

We’ve all been there - you dive into a project and immediately become overwhelmed by the complexity of the code. What about when you’re the one who wrote the code in the first place? How did you let things get like this? How could this have been avoided? What about a spray you could apply to clean the mess in the code? You’re in luck, now there is! In this talk we’ll explore the four simple rules first proposed by Kent Beck and how they can be applied to keep your code base maintainable. While they don’t (yet) come in a spray form, they’re almost as easy to apply.

General Discussion
3:40 PM