Joe Walling

Joe Walling

Joe has been developing software for over 25 years and has been working with .NET since it was in beta. He has been running the GSP Developers’ Guild for 14+ years and has been an INETA Community Champion in the past. He currently runs Walling Info Systems LLC, a custom software development and consulting company and loves going into other software development shops and help them improve their processes and the scalability and performance of their web applications.


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Creating a Successful Software Product Company

While working a full time job, you come up with a great idea for a software product that you are sure will be a hit. Do you quit your job with a nice steady paycheck and start developing the product? Do you have what it takes to run your own business? What skills other than software development are even more important to the product’s success. This presentation will help you to answer these questions as well as covering some of the following: 1. Does your product have a chance of succeeding? 2. When is your product is ready to be released? 3. Should you get dedicated hardware or use a cloud service? 4. One way to save thousands of dollars in hardware and software costs 5. Where you should be focusing your energy and some approaches to free you to do this 6. Some of the lessons I have learned in bringing StrategicRM to market If you feel that entrepreneurial bug coming on, don’t quit your job yet. Wait until after you have seen this presentation. Learn from my mistakes rather than by making your own.

Professional Development
2:20 PM