James Ashley

James Ashley

James Ashley is an Emerging Experiences MVP, founder of the Atlanta HoloLens Meetup and member of the vibrant creative coding community in Atlanta. He has spent the past several years working in the creative agency world pushing the boundaries of retail and consumer solutions with emerging technologies, and currently freelances as a VR/AR consultant. He wrote the Apress title Beginning Kinect Programming and is in the middle of his next writing project on technology and the future of reality.


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Designing for HoloLens

There are currently no mixed reality best practices for design because designing for Mixed reality devices like the HoloLens requires a massive shift in thinking. On the one hand, basing new interfaces on older ones is a recipe for disaster or worse – boredom. On the other hand, what’s the alternative? In this talk we’ll look at the goal of good design, the role of user expectation, and how Sci Fi movies feed into both of these. In this talk, you’ll learn how Sci Fi and Fantasy UX fits into tomorrow’s optimal design workflow. Even though Sci Fi interfaces often end up cheating in order to create something plausible for the screen -- about which we’ll be looking at many examples – Sci Fi movies provide us with opportunities to examine, review and even test innovative interfaces before using them in our own products.

Design UI/UX
1:00 PM